Flat or Domed Skylights

So, you've decided to install a skylight in your home or business. That's great! You're ready to enjoy all the benefits that a skylight brings: natural light, better mood and lower energy bills. After you've decided to install a skylight, you can move on to the next step in the process: choosing a style.

There are so many styles to choose from. Flat, curved, pyramid, single panel, etc. are all possible options for your home or business. Two popular options among consumers are flat and dome skylights. We've broken down the highlights of both types.


The skylights of domes are on eye-catching way to bring natural light into a room.
These curved skylights were a big trend back then and are still very popular today.

More light

The main reason people invest in skylights is to bring more natural light into their home or business. Dome skylights generally bring more light into a space than flat skylights. The curvature in the dome design allows the sunlight to deflect and add just a little lighter to Room.


One thing that can dampen your spirits is watching the skylight fill with rain or snow.
Domed skylights do not have this problem. The curve of the design allows rain and snow to slide off the skylight easily. So you can enjoy a clear view outside through your skylight, whatever the weather.

Additional options for efficiency

One of the benefits of skylights is the ability to make them even more energy efficient. Dome skylights are typically made of acrylic.
Acrylic is strong and durable, but also lighter than glass.
If you choose an acrylic skylight, you have the option of having it "double". . or 'triple '.' in layers. Layers refers to how many layers of acrylic you want on your dome skylight. A double layer is typical, but a third layer adds extra insulation and makes it more energy efficient.


While dome skylights were a huge hit some twenty years ago, lately flat skylights are always enjoying themselves greater popularity.
A flat skylight design lets it easily flush with your ceiling for a seamless flow. Flat skylights add a more modern feel to a home or business and offer virtually the same benefits as a dome skylight.

Material Options

One of the biggest advantages of a flat roof window is the choice of glass or acrylic as the material. While acrylic is extremely durable and offers the possibility of additional layers, glass is extremely energy efficient. Unlike acrylic, glass units can be fully sealed and are therefore better at keeping heat in in the winter and out in the summer.

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