Barrel Skylights


Barrel vault skylights are commonly used to open up hallways, corridors and corridors connected to buildings and bring in natural light. In radial barrel vault skylights, unlike in a segmental barrel vault skylight, the glass has a true curved radius.

Skylights of this type are well suited to opening up hallways and corridors. They offer a transparent or translucent vaulted space at the top and a range of arched beams, from low vaults to hemispherical skylights with glazed vertical ends. They cover walkways connecting buildings and can be attached to vertical walls at one or both ends.The radius of the vault is generally determined by other architectural conditions or aesthetic requirements.

An opening in a house roof or ship's deck that is covered with translucent or transparent material and that is designed to admit light.

Barrel Skylights are a great option for covering a large area in a cost effective way.

Advantages :

  • Light in weight.
  • Can span up to 5.5 metres wide - unlimited length.
  • Can use different materials and colours.
  • Have additional height due to the arch.
  • Are a design feature as well as a functional asset.

Aluminium profile specially designed for the purpose

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